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Team Estimating
Loder Construction Inc. has 2 two full time estimators on staff. They are fully trained for all commercial projects with in the Greater Sacramento Region.

Bidding Software, The Shirtboad
The inspiration behind our bidding software can be traced back to the early 70’s. Ernest W. Hahn always had his dress shirts pressed and delivered. To insure that the shirts stayed pristine, he would receive them from the dry cleaners containing cardboard cutouts in the shape of his shirts called “Shirtboards”. On any given day, Ernest would have 20-30 just lying around his office awaiting a bid day. During a bid the Shirtboards were re-purposed and used to represent each trade and the subcontractors scope and price. This allowed many estimators to break down the bid into smaller specialties and have multiple estimators working on the same bid. At the end of the estimation, Shirtboards were collected, allowing a visual representative of the project in its entirety.

As comical as this sounds, the whole processed allowed a very precise and competitive bid. By giving the bid a tactile visualization, estimators could literally “hand off” a section of work to another and insure the best possible price for each trade. It also allowed the flexibility of options and alternatives to every portion of the project.

Loder Construction has digitized this time tested method and developed our own software based off of this bidding technique. We still refer to our break outs as the project “Shirt Board” and we are constantly improving our unique software to better accommodate the client’s needs.

Standard Estimating
We  make sure that the full scope is covered with every proposal. Also included is a full description of each trade. It does however take a bit more time when generating our proposals, but we are confident that our cost is the best possible delivered, minimizing or even eliminating future change orders. We have found this greatly increases the efficiently of the project as a whole and is pleasing to everyone involved in the project.