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What we Build

Loder Construction is a Commercial General Contractor.We work for wide range of individuals or companies, large and small, to create their places of business or to enhance their current locations. It is our goal, as general contractors who serve the Sacramento region, to provide excellence in construction for everyone that we do business with.


In this changing economy, we have approached the construction and modification of offices differently than any other contractor in the area. We look at the total build out with a realistic approach for future expansion or contraction of the office. Having this flexibility has allowed many companies to weather this recession and position themselves for positive development once the economy is has been re-established.  Click here for a list of our past Office projects.

Light Industrial

Manufacturing, assembly, production, and fabrication of small goods and is a highly specialized industry and requires an innovational and industrial approach. Loder Construction can build, remodel, or modernize the warehouse and/or distribution facilities to accommodate new or existing clients. We will even build a custom facility from the ground up. Click here for a list of our past Light Industrial projects.


Loder Construction can start with a prototypical drawing and create a restaurant that will fit the franchise mold or create a one of a kind restaurant that stands alone. Our staff and field experts insure the highest customer satisfaction possible by our vast knowledge of building codes, equipment, restaurant layout, and the idiosyncrasies for commerical kitchens. Loder Construction understands the restaurant business and how to blend the form and function with décor and a meaningful design. Click here for a list of our past Restaurant/Bar/Nightclub projects.

Tenant Improvement or Retail

Working with a wide spectrum of Retail Centers has given Loder Construction Inc. a unique advantage in commercial properties and spaces within any concentrated area for shopping. We have completed numerous projects within the Roseville Galleria, Downtown Plaza, Arden Fair Mall, The Fountains, Sunrise Mall, El Dorado Hills Town Center and Solano Mall. Loder Construction Inc. also has the capacity to build any store at any location. Additionally, we work with many marketplaces and shopping complexes in the greater Sacramento area to serve the tenets tenants for their store’s needs. We have also remodeled/modernize stores within the shopping centers to benefit one or many tenants.  Click here for a list of our past Tenant Improvemnet or Retail projects.

Custom Buildings and Ground Up

With a surplus of local vacant building to choose from, the majority of new ground up construction has become constructing custom buildings for a specific need. We have the ability to create a highly precise structure for a specific industry or client. Loder Construction still maintains the art of building a standard ground up building. Click here for a list of our past Custom Building and Ground Up projects.

Specialized Proprietor Construction

Loder Construction is the “on call” General Contractor for many property-owners and developers in the Sacramento area. We continue to be reliable and versatile to be able to solve any complication or improvement that may occur big or small within their shopping complex. Loder Construction has also remodeled entire centers from the ground up for such Proprietors, while maintaining the flexibility of a handy service to change a light bulb. Our superior rapport with many property-owners and developers has continued for decades.  Click here for a list of our past Specialized Proprietor projects.


Health care providers have exploded in the Sacramento area and an influx of health care centers to treat our areas needs have followed. Our staff has assisted many Doctors in setting up their practices to meet their individual needs and desires. As well as health care centers, Loder Construction also has built numerous dental, orthodontic offices, pediatric dental offices, oral surgeon centers, general dentistry, and dental labs. We understand that facility is a reflection of the Doctor and extends to the personal care that is invaluable to their patients. Click here for a list of our past Healthcare/Dental projects.

Outdoor Facilities/Sports Complexes

We have expertise in building gymnasiums, locker rooms, wrestling rooms, dance studios, karate dojos, parks, playgrounds, sports fitness facilities, health fitness complex, sports specific training rooms, indoor and outdoor pools, fitness centers, Yoga studios, snack bars, High School Stadiums, and athletic fields. Click here for a list of our past Outdoor Facilities/Sports Complexes projects.

The American Disability Act (ADA) Improvements

To allow compliance of the code and allocate an esthetically pleasing layout is a balance of construction creativity and a deep understanding of the code. Many times, there are multiple ways to satisfy the requirements of the ADA code that, in turn, affect cost and time. Loder Construction has the experience to solve ADA problems and recognizes updates to the ever-evolving ADA code every year. As responsible general contractors, we work to meet the exact specifications of our Sacramento clients, especially if they have special needs. Understanding how the code is in interpreted, and how it applies to and individual building, is what makes Loder Construction an exceptional choice when looking to do ADA improvements. Click here for a list of our past ADA Improvement projects.

Religious Facilities

Grand structures that invigorate the sprit with wonderful design combined with a gathered sense of purpose are what we are capable of providing.  Simple understanding of what makes religious faculties unique has allowed Loder Construction to gain experience in all aspects commercial construction.

The strategic use of phases is utilized in religious facuilities more than any other type of commercial construction. We understand the master plan of creating a singular practical facility that can function on its own, yet have the ability to expand for future growth.  The role of how acoustics play as well as staging requirements to have our clients rocking out or hearing a reading from a timid child. Most importantly, we grasp that a committee makes the majority of decisions and compromise is the key for progress.
We are familiar with many types of religious institutions, and are not limited to churches, kingdom hall, house of worship, temple, chapel, mosque, synagogue, parish, tabernacle, funeral home, and cathedrals. Click here for a list of our past Religious Facilities projects.

Unclassified Jobs

Sometimes there is a gap where construction knowledge is needed but the company to hire may not be clear. Below are some examples of projects that we have had in the past.

-Assembling large scale seasonal décor
-50’ Christmas tree
- Haunted house construction
-Relocating a Merry-go-round
-Tunneling under an occupied Mall for power
-Earthquake/Fire/Flood damage restoration
-Industrial Skylights
-Building Flood Damage Repair
-Underground bar/night club
-Winery Repair and Remodel
-Indoor spectilty horticulture