5 Pre-Construction Perks of Building Your Facility From the Ground Up

When contemplating designing and building a facility from the ground up, there are many pre-construction guidelines to take into consideration. Loder Construction specializes in creating custom buildings with unique design needs. Industrial construction comes with its own distinct building requirements. Our exceptional pre-construction team delivers on projects from start to finish, beginning with the entitlement process, which includes obtaining government approvals for zoning, density, design, use, and occupancy permits.

With many investors and entrepreneurs jumping into industrial building, starting construction from the ground up can be an essential asset for success. Within the industry, there has been an increased focus on pre-construction efforts, which are favorable due to the reduction in unforeseen costs and schedule delays.

The key to any successful ground up construction project begins with a properly laid foundation that is outlined in the pre-construction phase. Before we share the pre-construction perks of building your facility from the ground up, let’s review the pre-construction process.

An In-depth Look into Pre-construction for Ground Up Building

The pre-construction phase involves preliminary planning and engineering services before construction begins. This process not only provides the construction team with a clear outline to follow during the job but also helps clients better understand project needs.

The success of the entire construction project is dependent on the pre-construction process. Before a single nail is driven or brick is laid, clients will have a full understanding of the cost, scope, and schedule of a project.

Loder Construction will begin the pre-construction planning by understanding your business goals and facility needs, followed by the creation of a strategy and building schedule. In the final stages of pre-construction, we will assemble a knowledgeable and skillful team to do the work outlined.

Other pre-construction processes include:

  • An initial meeting between the general contractor and business owner(s) to discuss the project
  • Site selection and study feasibility
  • Project design planning, includes architecture and engineering through permitting
  • Estimating costs and offering cost-saving options
  • Managing project scope, and schedule
  • Identifying potential issues and outlining solutions
  • Determining any options for value engineering
  • Evaluating on-site soil condition
  • Checking existing utilities
  • Determining equipment requirements
  • Checking for green building options and viability
  • Performing a life-cycle analysis
  • Outlining contingencies for both client and contractor

Accurately defining the scope, schedule, and estimated cost of the project provides clients with precise expectations before entering the construction phase. In addition to project transparency, you’ll receive the following five perks when you work with Loder Construction.

Pre-construction Perk: Project Feasibility

The first perk of pre-construction building is the ability to determine project feasibility. No one wants to put time, energy, and money into a project only to find out halfway through construction the project’s execution isn’t practical.

A feasibility study is done to assess the viability of a construction project. Evaluating strengths, weaknesses, resources, finances, and how realistic a plan is will shed light on project possibilities and limitations. Technical aspects, such as materials, labor, and support, will be addressed at this time. Additionally, an economic assessment to determine loss and profitability, along with the legality of a project’s needs, will be examined. Operational and scheduling requirements are also needed to assess project feasibility.

We examine the feasibility of constructing a facility during the pre-construction phase to ensure your project can move forward smoothly. Simply stated, knowing the viability of your project will allow you to assess building potential, as well as the limitations before getting started.

Pre-construction Perk: Creating a Realistic Budget

The second perk of pre-construction building is the ability to create a realistic budget. Creating an accurate budget for project completion helps to determine what is affordable. Budgets need to be generated based on real-time projections to be practical.

Creating a realistic budget will be established by assessing projected income and expenses through the life of the project, evaluating the funds available, comparing similar plans, conducting a pre-design analysis of requirements, and a review of preliminary design options.

Pre-construction estimating helps ensure that plans and budgets remain in sync. This phase provides opportunities to make any necessary adjustments. Before a single shovel hits the dirt, the pre-construction phase can address common concerns that can arise, such as permitting, utility and soil evaluations, and constructability reviews. Solid planning can pinpoint problems before any actual construction begins, and addressing issues before they become issues helps to keep costs down. Making corrections during the pre-construction phase tends to be significantly less expensive than addressing issues during actual construction.

Pre-construction Perk: Building in Stages

The third perk of pre-construction development is the ability to build in stages. Companies waiting on funding to move projects forward, or planning on expanding facilities in the future can strategize accordingly during the pre-construction phase of ground up building. With this plan in place, Loder Construction can produce a preliminary project schedule, budget, and complete entitlement checklist.

During the pre-construction phase of your project, Loder Construction works with clients to develop a comprehensive design and floor plan. Loder’s in-house pre-construction experts marry client vision with construction expertise. Building in stages also permits minor design changes as the job progresses.

Working with an experienced team is essential for receiving accurate estimations and detailed blueprints. Proper planning is fundamental to ensuring success, which is how Loder Construction will execute the construction of your facility on time and on budget.

When it comes to ground up development for large-scale commercial projects, a high level of expertise is crucial. Extreme attention to detail is needed during the pre-construction phase to stay on schedule and keep costs down through careful budgeting.

Pre-construction Perk: Building From the Ground Up

When building a project from the ground up, we are developing a new structure entirely from scratch. This requires building walls, footings, foundations, etc. Think of ground up construction as starting from a blank slate. This is essential for many commercial facilities due to unique code and design requirements.

Renovations, on the other hand, are based on already existing structures. The downside of renovating is the lack of flexibility. When working with an existing structure, there is a limit to how the space can be transformed. This can also hinder your company’s future growth as you are restricted to the boundaries of the existing building and property limitations.

This leads us to the fourth perk of pre-construction building, design flexibility. Customers are not restricted to existing building constraints and can design a structure based on company needs. This is ideal for industrial construction, as design needs are particular and can differ widely from pre-existing structures. Design flexibility provides businesses with more options across the entire construction phase, including expenses, materials used, and building structure.

Pre-construction Perk: A Clear Picture for the Future

The fifth perk of pre-construction development is removing unknown variables. One way we do this is by obtaining discretionary approvals through the process of Entitlements and permitting. We go above and beyond in our attempts to identify, anticipate, understand, and plan for various problems that can occur throughout the process.

This allows Loder’s contractors to provide clients with a clear picture of what the project is going to look like, how it is going to get done, and when it will be completed. Clients can confidently move forward with the construction of their facility, knowing all variables and aspects of the project.

Our commercial contractors help set realistic expectations by providing clients with the ability to evaluate all possible scenarios upfront, thereby avoiding issues once the project is underway.

Experts You Can Count On

Loder Construction’s commercial contractors of Sacramento are licensed and backed by extensive construction experience. To successfully see your industrial construction to completion, you will need experts familiar with California construction codes and permitting through local building departments. Diligence during the pre-construction phase can maximize the return on your investment by saving you time and money.

Loder Construction excels at ground up building by starting with pre-construction excellence, ensuring that all aspects of the project are in order. Satisfying the codes and rules of industrial construction is our main priority.

The explosion of health care facilities in the Sacramento area has resulted in an influx of health care centers to treat our area’s needs. Our staff understands that every facility is a direct reflection of specific industry expectations. We have built a number of dental offices, orthodontic offices, pediatric dental offices, oral surgery centers, general dentistry offices, and testing laboratories. Each suited to meet the unique needs of facility users.

The length of the pre-construction process will depend on the scope of the project. At Loder Construction, we have proudly served the greater Sacramento area as general commercial contractors since 1995 Our primary goal is customer satisfaction through superior quality and cost. We are a group of dedicated professionals with a passion for building.

We look forward to discussing the construction of your project. Please contact us to schedule your personalized consultation today. Once we understand your goals, we can help make your business a reality.

JJ Loder

He received his first hammer at 4 years old, not that he wanted one but, because he kept “borrowing” his father’s. Construction has been a part of his life and being raised as a six-generation carpenter, it came naturally. As a boy he visited his father and grandfather on their construction site, and he learned what was being built. High school and college summers were spent soaked in sweat, at the end of broom as his apprentice skills improved. After graduating from Fresno State with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication in 2008, he started running small Tenant Improvements for Loder Construction and excelled in keeping projects on-time and on budget.