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About Loder Construction, Inc.

Since 1995, Loder Construction has been serving the greater Sacramento and Northern California area as a commercial general contractor. Our primary goal is customer satisfaction through superior quality and cost. We are dedicated professionals with a passion for building, and take personal ownership of each project as if it were our own.

Geographical Area

Loder Construction, Inc. has an operational radius that encapsulates approximately 50 miles from downtown Sacramento. This area ranges from San Francisco to Auburn, and from Stockton to Chico and everything in between. We will follow clients statewide with an established relationship. This is convenient for franchises and interconnected businesses.

Working Relationships

A continual working relationship is needed for any big project. Our years of success are built on trust. Clients trust Loder Construction to construct their projects within budget and on time. The quality of our staff, subcontractors, and suppliers exemplify our client’s goals and dreams. They trust us to do what we do best. We are skilled commercial contractors in Northern California that you can completely rely on.

History of Loder Construction, Inc.

Loder Construction, Inc.’s history begins at the end of another legendary company. Ron Loder Jr. started as an apprentice carpenter for The Hahn Company in 1976. Ernest W. Hahn became the driving force first in the field, then in the office.

After building major malls all over the nation, the mega builder left California and soon dissolved. Ron started what is now Loder Construction, Inc. and remained in Northern California in 1992.

He started small, but using many of his contacts from his 20 years with the Hahn Company, he finished many of the loose ends left to the malls and other projects. The hard work paid off when he landed the build-out for the iconic Hard Rock Café in Sacramento. The use of quality subcontractors and exceptional superintendents warranted the need for an equally outstanding full-time staff and office. Ron has built his company to be a force in the commercial construction industry, not only in malls, but also in retail, medical, dental, commercial building spaces, athletic facilities, and restaurants in Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, Berkeley, Stockton and Modesto, CA and Northern California.

Our ability to conduct complex and intricate projects working with remote clients rapidly expanded when Loder Construction, Inc. digitalized our procedures and Plan Archive. We now can work with architects, clients, and suppliers from coast to coast and can correspond instantly to our field representatives. Drawings, photos, and sketches can be made readily available to everyone involved with the project.

Through years of practice and refinement, Loder Construction, Inc. is a premier Commercial Construction Contractor in Northern California and has attained Excellence in Construction.

What Our Happy Clients Are Saying

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Jeff and I would like to thank Loder Construction for collaborating with us in building Tokyo Steak House in Natomas.  Your professionalism, dedication and perseverance in overseeing this project with us is greatly appreciated.  The nature of our business required extended meetings with designers, our sub-contractor, and the city of Sacramento, of which were coordinated and executed in a timely manner.  Thank you for listening to our ideas and aiding us in carrying out our vision for this business.  We look forward to working with Loder for future projects.

Anne Yang
Tokyo Steak House

Tokyo Steak House

Over the past year we have had the benefit of working with Loder Construction Inc. on several projects through the Sacramento region. We admire their timeliness and attention to details. Several projects are in environments with people in offices working nearby. This requires additional communication with tenants, and construction workers to make sure that the environment is always positive for everyone. Ron Loder is always available to respond to the needs of our company. It is a pleasure to do business with Loder Construction.

Gary Hornby
Managing Director


I personally want to thank Loder Construction for meeting my needs with a very quick and tightly scheduled build out. I was optimistically  surprised when we got down to the wire and sure enough Loder was completed.  I appreciated the oversight on the project as well.  Phil was a fantastic (superintendent and) foreman. We love our office space.

Jason A. Straw DDS
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

Over the last year, we have used Loder Construction for a substantial portion of the construction done here at Westfield Shoppingtown Galleria at Roseville. This includes all the landlord construction for our high profile tenants. The reason we have chosen to use Loder construction is their dedication and professionalism they show each time they take on a project at the Galleria. The thing that sets Loder construction apart from the rest, besides their great work, is their ability to communicate with all the different sectors that are found in a mall environment. We have customers, tenants, tenant construction and management that Loder Construction has to
communicate with on a daily basis. Ron Loder and Jason Rapelye are always quick to respond to any and every need of the center. In closing, I would like to say that working with Loder Construction has been a great experience for all of us here at Westfield Shoppingtown Galleria at Roseville.

Gavin Farnam
Assistant General Manager

Westfield Shoppingtown Galleria at Roseville

We have used Loder Construction on various special projects at ARCO Arena. Ron Loder and everyone connected with his organization have always exceeded our expectations. That is because they realize the importance of relationships. They take a personal interest in our needs. The results have been professional and stellar. They have provided a variety in the types of projects they can deliver. The diversity of their capabilities is noteworthy. We do not hesitate to call out to them knowing that we will consistently get a timely response and job completion on time. Let me share just one example. With increased importance of security, we needed to add a wall and door. They not only delivered a quality finished project, but also completed it early on what was already an ambitious schedule. It is a pleasure to do business with people who are passionate about what they do. Our organization takes pride in being a leader in customer service. Well, as they say, it takes one to know one. Loder Construction is a prime example of great customer service. We are glad that we are one of their customers.

Tom Peterson
Vice President, Service Development

Maloof Sports & Entertainment

From the initial participation in cost engineering during the design phase to the final closeout and occupancy, Loder Construction can be depended upon to "take care of business" and to turnout an outstanding finished product. Also, the personal involvement, availability and care exhibited by Loder Construction and their field staff allowed me the opportunity to effectively manage and pursue other ongoing company endeavors with the knowledge that any unforeseen construction issues would be handled both fairly and expeditiously. I want to thank you for understanding how much I value this relationship and that I look forward to working together on future undertakings as a part of the Sun works expansion roadmap.

Emil Beitpolus
Founding Partner/President
Residential Solar

Sunworks Solar Power

As the leading Design Center builder and operator in the United States, we look for General Contractors that provide excellent communication, attention to detail and fair pricing. Loder Construction built a design center for us in the Sacramento area that our firm is very proud of. We were very pleased with the overall work performed by Loder Construction from the very beginning of the project up through completion. Their estimating department was very thorough and helped identify gaps in the plans early on which limited change orders later. The permitting process was very smooth due to the knowledge of the ins and outs of the city procedure to obtain building permits. Their Superintendent, Graham was very knowledgeable and easy to work with. He knew how to manage the project and anticipated the needs to have the project run smoothly. I would definitely recommend Loder Construction for your building needs.

Chris Qualls
VP of Construction

Interior Specialists, Inc.

Commercial ConstructionBuilding and RemodelingGeneral Contractor

Stockton, CA

San Jose, CA

Sacramento, CA

San Francisco, CA

Modesto, CA

Berkeley, CA

Oakland, CA