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Loder Construction, Inc. has experienced and professional estimators, fully trained for all commercial projects within Northern California, including San Francisco, Sacramento, San Jose, Oakland, Berkeley, Fresno, Stockton, Modesto, and Chico, CA.

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Standard Estimating

We make sure that the full scope of the project is covered with every proposal. Also included is a full description of each trade. It does take a bit more time when generating our proposals, but we are confident that our cost is the best possible when delivered. We have found this greatly increases the efficiency of the project as a whole and is pleasing to everyone involved in the project.

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Bidding Software, The Shirtboard

The inspiration behind our bidding software can be traced back to the early 1970s. While Ron was learning the techniques of estimating from E.W. Hahn Company, Ernest W. Hahn always had his dress shirts pressed and delivered. To ensure that the shirts stayed pristine, he would receive them from the dry cleaners containing cardboard cutouts in the shape of his shirts called “Shirtboards.” On any given day, Ernest would have 20-30 just lying around his office awaiting a bid day. During a bid, the Shirtboards were re-purposed and used to represent each trade and the subcontractor’s scope and price. This allowed many estimators to break down the bid into smaller specialties and have multiple estimators working on the same bid. At the end of the estimation, Shirtboards were collected, allowing a visual representation of the project in its entirety.

As comical as this sounds, the whole process allowed a very precise and competitive bid. By giving the bid a tactile visualization, estimators could literally “hand-off” a section of work to another and ensure the best possible price for each trade. It also allowed the flexibility of options and alternatives to every portion of the project.

Loder Construction, Inc. has digitized this time tested method and developed our own software-based off of this bidding technique. We still refer to our breakouts as the project “Shirtboard” and we are constantly improving our unique software to better accommodate the client’s needs.

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What Our Happy Clients Are Saying

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Jeff and I would like to thank Loder Construction for collaborating with us in building Tokyo Steak House in Natomas.  Your professionalism, dedication and perseverance in overseeing this project with us is greatly appreciated.  The nature of our business required extended meetings with designers, our sub-contractor, and the city of Sacramento, of which were coordinated and executed in a timely manner.  Thank you for listening to our ideas and aiding us in carrying out our vision for this business.  We look forward to working with Loder for future projects.

Tokyo Steak House

Loder Construction truly went above and beyond what a typical general contractor would do. Despite them being busy with their regular work, they made time for us to help turn our vision into reality. They communicated with us every step of the way and were a pleasure to work with. Because of them, we were able to build and launch Tracey’s Place of Hope; which is a residential program for adolescent girls in crisis with mental health and substance abuse problems. I cannot thank them enough for the countless hours they put in to create such a beautiful place.”I am grateful for there outstanding professionalism. Loder Construction that takes such great pride in the details. I will be hiring them to build the Biletnikoff Center for Hope, a Counseling center for High-risk teens.

A. Biletnikoff

I’ve worked with Loder Construction on a few projects, they are professional, thorough, and timely. From the first meeting with them you will realize that their clients and projects are important to them!

M. Boskovich

This letter is to thank you and your entire staff for your efforts in making the construction of our Solar Retail Center as painless as possible.From your initial participation in cost engineering during the design phase to the final closeout and occupancy, Loder Construction can be depended upon to “take care of business” and to turn out an outstanding finished product. Also, your personal involvement, availability and care exhibited by you and your field staff, allowed me the opportunity to effectively manage and pursue other ongoing company endeavors with the knowledge that any unforeseen construction issues would be handled both fairly and expeditiously. In closing, I want you both to understanding how much I value this relationship and that I look forward to working together on future undertakings as a part of the SUNWorks expansion roadmap.

Founding Partner/ President Residential Solar

I personally want to thank Loder Construction for meeting my needs with a very quick and tightly scheduled build out.  I was optimistically  surprised when we got down to the wire and sure enough Loder was completed.  I appreciated the oversight on the project as well.  Phil was a fantastic (superintendent and) foreman. We love our office space.

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

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